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Swedish Inspirations offers Simple Nordic Design and has the largest selection of Swedish wool gnomes by Åsa Tomtebod in the US.

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White gnome family by Asas Tomtebod

About Åsas Tomtebod Gnomes

Asa began selling her beloved wool gnomes “tomte” back in 1993. A few years later they became a huge success in Sweden and are now all over the world.

They are all hand made in a small little town called Gislaved that is located in the woods in the central part of southern Sweden. The studio is a red house with with white edges like the classic old world house looks like in Sweden. It’s like driving up to a postcard.

So what is a gnome? They are called “tomte” in Swedish which is also the same word for Santa Claus. The story goes that they lived around your farm in the olden days to look after the animals and the children. If you treated them nice, they were nice back and if not, they can have a terrible temper. They are shy and hide most of the time so not many have seen them!

Because they are all handmade, there is not one alike. They all have their own personality and look. The skin is either the curly hair from Gotland sheep or straight hair from Iceland. The curly Gotland fur can range from dark gray to a very light gray.

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